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If your eyes were a camera…

12 Jul

… Imagine all the candid shots you wouldn’t miss if you didn’t have to fumble with getting a DSLR out of its sleeve, removing its cover, switching is on, setting the functions

… Imagine a snapshot of that amazing view of the skyline of Downtown Vancouver that you could get when you’re paddle boarding at Jericho beach but couldn’t for fear of damaging expensive electronics

… Imagine how much more luggage you could bring on your travels and how much further your stamina could last if you weren’t lugging around the extra bulky item

… Imagine how much less you would fit into the stereotype of an asian if you didn’t have to  make all your friends hold off on eating so you could get sumptuous shots of their food

… Most of all, imagine how much more observant all of us would be. Endlessly looking around, basking in the beauty of the world, never missing that once-in-a-lifetime shot of a friend smiling to herself, or that act of generousity and kindness. Imagine how much more beautiful life would be if we had our eyes open.

Imagine how much more appreciative of life we would be, if our eyes were a camera.