Stay home and rest, or else.

9 Sep
'I am watching you'

‘I am watching you’

The distance between long-distance relationships (at least to me) is not felt, till it occurs, a situation where you find yourself wanting to be right next to the person. In this case – to slap him to his senses and as his mom had to do, ‘force panadol down his throat’.

It angers me when someone points out something in my life that they think I’m living out inadequately, yet when the situation is flipped, they do not hold true to their own standards.

On a more serious (or should I say loving) note, in case anyone thinks that I am a person only capable of violence, I would, really, like to offer some sort of more tangible support when a dear one is not in tip-top condition. However, due to this thing called “long-distance”, it is most unfortunate that the most I can do is send very stern Whatsapp messages, that I can only hope would communicate my concern. Since I hardly feel that sending these messages is effective – I feel that the person receiving these messages would likely not hear the voiceover of a very stern Joy in a very stern voice – maybe a blog post would initiate the “STAY HOME AND REST, OR ELSE” movement.


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