Off Facebook

18 Nov

I completely understand the ease by which communication can occur on Facebook as well as the rapid updating that can be achieved on one’s own, simply by scrolling. I am a partaker of all that and more and I have loved gleaning from the simple convenience that Facebook offers.

However, on a random “whim-of-the-moment”, I’ve decided to “go off”/”come off”/stop going onto/”just stop already” Facebook (yes, I know that last one didn’t make sense) as of today. In the beginning, I’m sure this might prove to be an inconvenience. I mean, how will anyone contact me, easily? Okay, inconvenience #1 – but is that really that much of an inconvenience? I’m sure that I won’t lose out on the important communication with those who are important to me (redundant use of double adjectives). Of course, I’m prepared to be one of those who might be slow on the uptake of information…

BUT. The most compelling reason is this: that I will instead take my ranting off to a different platform – none other that my lonely (さびしい) WordPress blog, that I’ve neglected for over a month. I just had to include SOME Japanese. I should put what I’m learning into good use. And, as you can see. It’s already working!

Yay for a random post in-between referencing sources in my research paper and writing draft #1 for a different paper.


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