The Dreaming Cycles; what happens when you’re awake

8 Mar

The Dream Cycle1

I have a problem.

My problem is that I dream too much.

I dream for what seems like a second, only to realise that light has turned to night, and more than just a couple hours have gone by. I go through stages of what I would like to call the “dreaming cycle”, only to realise that I’ve gone full circle and possibly not moved an inch forward.

Stage #1: The Dreaming Dreamer


  • You’re inspired.
  • You sit through Creative Writing class when your professor shares with the class his experience with the publication process and immediately start making a mental checklist of things like where to submit your articles, catchy topic sentences…
  • You spend hours looking through calligraphy/graphic design pieces/videos/photos/articles, reasoning with yourself that you are simply getting inspired

Stage #2: The Driven Dreamer


  • You feel like anything is possible.
  • You’re out to conquer the world.
  • You have 10 things on your checklist and you WILL have all of them done by today

Stage #3: The Depressed Dreamer


  • The day is gone and you completed.. half of one of the things of your list. In other words, you completed nothing.
  • It’s been 4 months since your last blog post.
  • Everyone’s work seems better than yours, there’s probably not going to be anyone out there who will appreciate your art, or what you call art
  • You end up doing nothing all day, but yet you’re tired and mentally exhausted

Stage #4: The Deranged Dreamer


  • You’re mad
  • What are dreams anyway?!
  • My life is never going to amount to anything

Stage #5: The Defeated Dreamer


  • You have decided that its time to get your head out of the clouds and focus on the path ahead of you
  • School and work become a priority
  • You avoid the things that used to inspire you – tumblr/VIMEO/instagram/deviantart etc
  • When you do go onto any of these sites, you feel like everything is condemning you in the face and you’re reminded of your incompetence
  • …. oh wait
  •  look at that beautiful calligraphy work
  • HEY, I could do that to!!

Go back to stage one and repeat it all over again.

I can’t say that this stages happen in this order, or if they even happen at all.

I do think that my problem lies with my impatience and lack of perseverance, which is one of the reasons I’ve written this post. I want to remind myself of my acknowledgement of these weaknesses I have, and to hopefully see improvement in future years.

Now, if, I had everything in my control, this is how my ideal day would look like:

1. Wake up when my body decides its well-rested and not when my alarm clock rings

2. Indulge in training: Spiritual (reading the Bible and other books that are waiting to be read), Physical (exercising)

3. Create a calligraphy piece

4. Have an awesome photography shooting day, perhaps catch a pug or two

5. Actually, I would play with my pug

6. Make a video

7. Start and finish reading a new book

8. Write a blog post

9. Submit an article for any publication

10. Write a book from cover to cover and get it published

And there you have it, Joy’s perfect day.

Disclaimer: Enjoy this rant for what it is, but do realise that it is a rant, and an exaggerated one at that. It is heartfelt and honest, and hopefully to a certain extent, humourous, but I do have a grasp on reality – I promise. 


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