Bumps and Buses

21 Mar

It really annoys me when buses have jerky stops.

Now, why don’t I say, I really love it when buses have smooth stops?

By making the first statement, I am implying the second. However, the first comment that would come out of my mouth with regards to the topic would probably be the former.

Often we don’t realise how comfortable and smooth our bus journey is unless we are confronted with a really bumpy and uncomfortable one.

In light of an unpleasant journey, we make sense of the massive skills a bus driver must have to not make awfully uncomfortable stops. 

Likewise, we don’t seem to appreciate the goodness that we have in life unless we encounter bumps along the way.

Perhaps, another human flaw; the consistent folly of falling into apathetic living till something or someone brings to your life unpleasant bumps and abrupt stops.


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