Is Creativity for Everyone?

14 Apr

“What is that supposed to be?”

“It’s.. abstract?”

“She must be a writer..”

“Only photographers can see beauty in that.”


It would not be surprising to find out that many people after admiring a beautiful picture, or reading a thought-provoking book, stand in awe for a couple of minutes or days, only to move on from there and with their lives, awaiting the next creatively intriguing piece that might come their way.

I don’t think that creativity is exclusively reserved for photographers, writers, or artists alone.

Here’s a question for you: “Do you know a creative person?”
Now with that person in your mind, you might probably formulate this next thought in your mind, “I’m not creative, like Person XYZ…”

Sure, people with portfolios have evidence of their work and the creativity that resides within them. Though there is no denying that a certain measure of what is considered creativity is also considered talent, there would be no evidence of creativity without the investment of time.

Photographers, take the time to view the world through the lens. Writers, take the time to imagine and create a world out of words. Artists, take the time to pen the images in their mind on canvases.

So, you too, can take the time to tap into what you could call your own creativity!

Here are some ideas:

If it’s sunny out, sit in a park, in the sun (obviously). Arm yourself with a book to read, or a notebook to scribble on.

If you like your caffeine, sit in a quaint café. Delicious aromas can be really inspiring.

If interaction makes the clockwork in your brain run crazy, people/children/dog/bird watch!

A Beach. A Forest. A Bench. A Tree. Grass.

The possibilities are endless 


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