The Ending of a Season

15 Apr

Sakura petals scattered on the ground. Bare cherry blossom trees. A sad face. 

It’s not surprising that many of the photos I see now pertaining to sakura cherry blossoms are of its fallen petals, lamenting the passing of its blooming season.

My knowledge of the sakura cherry blossom, or of any flower for that matter, is sorely lacking. However, I’m pretty sure I’m not wrong in saying that the sakura flower blooms for a really short time!

I think this factors in to why and how the sakura cherry blossoms garner up so much excitement from the public.

Yes, it’s a pretty flower.

Yes, it’s almost magical to experience pink petals, carried by the wind, making disney-like-moment swirls around you.

But I think the most heart-gripping thing of these flowers is how fleeting it is. Miss the chance to see them during the 3 or so weeks that they are around, and you’ll have to wait a full year.

Humans seem to find comfort in security, in stability, in the longevity of things.

At the sakura cherry blossom (which I found out existed for the first time in my 5 years here – oh the joys of working in a communications role), I bought a pair of earrings.

Its major selling point? Sakura cherry blossom petals preserved in resin.

Of course, when I bought it at the time, I thought they were extremely unique and, obviously, pretty. Looking back, I must have subconsciously thought that since these flowers are so rare, why not have one with me at all times, one that would never disappear!

The sooner we come to terms with the fact that nothing lasts forever, the sooner we can appreciate each blooming season, and adapt to life’s changing seasons.


“Every breath is a second chance”

Always, Switchfoot.


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