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Another Semester of Work Begins

9 Jan

It was back to work on the 4th of January.

After making sure Denys boarded the bus that would take him to Fukuoka International Airport safely, I had to start on my own journey home.

The train ride marked another of the firsts of this year.

My first thick fog.


the ‘view’ from my window

The fog caused the kamome (a fast intercity train) that I was on to be delayed by an hour. At which point, I could feel myself beginning to stress out about whether I would get to work in time, whether I would have to take more leave (which I’m desperately trying to save to give myself ample time for wedding preparation), or on a more dramatic note, whether I would ever make it ‘home’.

However, I chose instead to try to get as much sleep as I could afford because I knew the day ahead at work would be a long and draggy one. After all, classes were not in session and would not be for me, for at least another week.

Long story short, I made it to work about 10 mins late, and 8 dollars poorer after making the decision to cab it from the station to the top of the hill where my school is situated.

The next 5 days of work were indeed long and draggy. Thankfully the much awaited 3-day weekend is here, of which I’ve already spent half sleeping away, letting my mind and body relax after the crazily fun month of hosting 3 different guests. The other half is hopefully going to be spent productively; cleaning and crafting.

Let the resting continue and may I be recharged for the next 7 months I have left here. And may the pain of saying goodbye to students, colleagues, and friends not stop me from continuing to give my best to this job that I’ve been blessed with.


Met my first PUG..

7 Jan

…in my little town today.

Was taking a little walk before a Skype session with Moomy, and as I neared the traditionally-triangle-shaped-roofed-house I currently called home, I spotted a cute figure with its indisputably super-duper-cute curled-up tail walking its human towards me. Here’s a mini break-down of our but less than a minute exchange:

“Pug-chan! Pug ga suki (I like pugs)!” I manage to voice as I turn to proudly showoff my pug backpack.

Making gestures to under her chin, Pug-chan’s owner tells me that he likes to be stroked under his neck and to give it a try.

Ii desu ka (Can I really)???” I excitedly ask.

Upon the signal, an affirmative nod, I reach my hand out. Barely a second after I scratch his chin, noticeably unimpressed, Pug-chan turns his majestic head away and pulls his human onwards to continue with his walk.

So, with that ends Joy’s, probably not very exciting but definitely memorable, encounter with her first pug in her little town.

Just the way I like to start the New Year, being blown off by a pug 😉

Seriously though, I started the New Year with quite a few firsts. First New Year in Japan, first “osechi”, first “fukubukuro shopping”, first time getting an ear infection in Japan (I probably got it when I was a kid too, since it tends to happens to children)…

And there will be many more firsts to come! Yay 2016!