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Spiderllets – Chapter 2, read it now!

19 Nov



She and Read – an online novel endeavour

10 Nov


I’m starting a new project that I’ve so far named as ‘Project Read’ (edit:// now transformed to She and Read :p).

For those of you who know me, you know that I’ve always loved reading. You also may or may not know that one of my dreams is to write a book sometime before I die. I eventually hope to write non-fiction, but to start, and to keep my brain nimble, She and Read will be a collection of short chapters about fictional characters in a fictional world telling stories inspired by real-life experiences.

I do not claim that this is by any means a venture equivalent to that of a book, but I am a perfectionist and I will never reach anywhere if I don’t start, at least, somewhere. Though an amateurish effort, I hope that if you join me as readers, it will be as enjoyable and entertaining to you as it will be to me.

To that measure, I shall shamelessly request, if it so suits your fancy, that you might share this on your blogs/walls/word of mouth and spread the word for ‘Project She and Read’.

More details soon! Keep your eyes peeled for the first chapter at http://sheandread.wordpress.com or http://joycited.deviantart.com/ ^_^

(disclaimer: Though inspired by my own experiences, all characters and events are purely fictional and are not in anyway a portrayal of real relationships!)